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4 Questions Distributors Will Ask

Ok now to what exactly makes a film sellable to these agents. Most sales agents and distributors will ask 4 questions.

  • Who is the cast and director?
  • What is the genre?
  • What is the budget?
  • And What is the hook? Honestly if you answer these questions wrong, they will never go any farther. You may say hey “my films writing is magnificent or this so different than anything that is out right now”, but honestly this does no good unless you can even get the reps to even watch the film, to begin with. The sad fact is if these things aren’t in place. There really is no reason to watch your movie. Remember their career and reputation are on the line. They will not risk either on a long shot from some filmmaker that they don’t even know. In order to become an asset to them you need to give them what they want.