Donation/Tip Based Film Consultation

Pay What You Can Film Consultation

Do Any Of These Apply To You?

  • You Are A Novice to Intermediate Screenwriter Without Real-World Industry Connections
  • You Are An Excellent Creator But Lacking In The Business Or Technical Know How
  • You Have The Drive And Determination To Further Your Career You Just Lack The Financial Backing .
  • With All The Scams Going On In The Film Industry You Would Rather See What Value Can Be Provided Before Paying Anything

Pay What You Can Film Consultation Services

Imagine If You Could Speak To Hollywood Insiders Without Having To Pay A Dime. How Far Could You Progress In Your Film Career If Money Was Not A Factor. (Nothing Is Ever Handed To You) Do You Have The Drive, Passion, And Determination To Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality?

If Your Do We At Indie Black Film Can Help You Reach Your Goals From A to Z. (Whether You Need Pre-Production, Production, Post, Marketing, Pitching Advice, Formatting Help, Ect. We Can Help).

Our Consultants Normally Charge $200/Hr And Up For 1 on 1 Consultations. We are So Confident We Can Provide Value To You And Your Filmmaking Career We Are Offering Our Services On A Donation Or Tip Bases.

Pay What You Can Afford And More Importantly Pay What You Feel It Was Worth. (Including An Option To Pay Absolutely Nothing $0)

30 Min Film Consultation

We Will Give You As Many Film Phone Consultations As You Would Like. Just Book A Date And Time From Our Booking Calendar and That Is It (Due To Overwhelming Demand Please Limit to Once A Week). Receive The Personal Attention You Deserve.

Whether you Donate/Tip 1 Dollar or 1000 Dollars We are Very Thankful. And the 1 Dollar Donating Client will Receive the Same Effort on our behalf as the 10k donating client. In fact to ensure everyone is provided the same level of service you only have the chance to DONATE AFTER THE CONSULTATION IS FINISHED.

What Our Client Have To Say About Us

How To Proceed

We Feel Money Shouldn’t Be An Obstacle In You Reaching Your Goals. So Again We Are Just as Thankful For A $2 Donation As a $2k Donation. Even If Your Have Absolutely Nothing Right Now We Can Still Help You.

Book A Consultation With Us Now By Clicking the Button Below. (Be Sure To Leave Your Number And Email As To Contact You On Your Consultation Date)

Just Some Of The Services Provided

  • Career Advice
  • Pitching Help
  • Marketing Help
  • Formatting Issues
  • Website Issues/Development
  • Script Reading (1st 10 Pages Only)
  • Financing Info
  • Networking
  • Much More