Express Script Coverage

Thank You For Interest In Our Express Script Coverage

Congratulations if you are seeing this page then you have been selected at random to receive a free “Express Script Coverage”. Your Coupon Code Is:  CSE2B3VJ

Due to the Covid-19 Virus and recent world events, we would like to be of extra service to the African American community. With the recent economic problems, we at INDIE BLACK FILM LLC  would like to do our part help by waiving fee’s all fee’s associated with Script Coverage/Pitching for select members of our community.

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What Do I Need To Proceed?

Step 1


We will not accept any submissions without signing a non-disclosure agreement with you first. We keep all contracts on file so for legal reason your NDA must be on file to proceed to the next step. If you do not have an NDA you can purchase a pre-made Nda Template Our Lawyers Have Created (which can be used by us or any other person you share your creative ideas with in the future).

Although we highly recommend using our Nda Template, you can use your own NDA if you have had an entertainment lawyer create one for you. It is very expensive to retain an attorney so we decided to pay to create our own template for our customers. If you would like to use your own Nda and not use ours please make sure it has at least the following:

  • an NDA defining copyright rights and interests on screenwriters
  • obligation to return or destroy (if the script is a copy only),
  • introduce a contractual penalty at your discretion
  • ADD A WRITTEN CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT FOR THE RECEIVING PARTY which they will sign and therefore confirm that they have received the confidential content from the disclosing party

**If the NDA that you have does not have at least all of these points we cannot accept it for legal reasons


If you have any questions about if your custom Nda with work for us you can send us a copy for review to subject “Custom NDA”

Step 2

Once you have your NDA and are now ready to proceed with your pitch consultation:
Step 1 – Send your NDA (signed and Initialed by you) to  subject “NDA”
NDA response 1-2 business days
Step 2 – (Once you receive your NDA back from us) Please submit your script to  subject “submission”
Script submission response 4 – 9 business days (normally 5 business days)
Your consultation will take place after your script has been read, that way your consultation will be about what we can do for you and your project specifically.
If you have any questions contact us at


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