Frequently Asked Questions

I want to produce my own film. Can your help raise funding?

Yes, we are in contact with many film financing companies and producers looking for films to provide funding for. These companies only charge a fee if they are able to provide investors willing to invest in your film. You would need to have your full package complete to move forward.

For more on what is in a film package please listen to our free podcast Episode 001 in which an owner of a film funding company explains what he needs to get money for your film.

Do you offer refunds on NDA Templates?

Due to this template being a digital product, we offer no refunds after purchase. Due to past experiences fraudsters purchasing then downloading the product only to then ask for a refund. Being a virtual product there is no way to guarantee said customer did not download with an attempt to defraud Indie Black Film LLC. All parties will be prosecuted to the farthest extent of the law.

I want to use my own NDA Can I Use It With You?

Although we highly recommend using our Nda Template, you can use your own NDA if you have had an entertainment lawyer create one for you. It is very expensive to retain an attorney so we decided to pay to create our own template for our customers. If you would like to use your own Nda and not use ours please make sure it has at least the following:

  • an NDA defining copyright rights and interests on screenwriters
  • obligation to return or destroy (if the script is a copy only),
  • introduce a contractual penalty at your discretion
  • ADD A WRITTEN CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT FOR THE RECEIVING PARTY which they will sign and therefore confirm that they have received the confidential content from the disclosing party

**If the NDA that you have does not have at least all of these points we cannot accept it for legal reasons

I am ready to proceed, what are my next steps?

If you have spoken to one of our onboarding agents and are now ready to proceed with your pitch consultation:
Step 1 – Send your signed NDA to anthony@indieblackfilm.com  subject “NDA”
Step 2 – (Once you receive your NDA back from us) Please submit your script to Anthony@indieblackfilm.com  subject “submission”
NDA response 1-2 business days
Script submission response 4 – 9 business days (normally 5 business days)
Your consultation will take place after your script has been read that way your consultation will be about what we can do for you specifically.
If you have any questions contact us at info@indieblackfilm.com

Does INDIE BLACK FILM LLC take any credit or royalties from my work?

We take absolutely no credit or royalties from your work. Major studios have no time to read the millions of scripts they receive every day. This is why they do not accept unsolicited material, and why they come to companies like us find upcoming talent. If your work is rated a “Recommended” from our professional script readers, then we will ask to give your contact information to agents, acquisitions execs, or producers directly.

We never middle man – so whatever deal you work out with them is up to you and that person. At Indie Black Film LLC we are a hub full of Black screenwriters, directors, editors, cameramen, marketers, producers, casting directors, etc  We make our money from the producer or agent that hires you. The same way we charge you nothing to raise film funding. If the finance company can raise money for your film then they pay us a finders fee. You the indie filmmaker pay us nothing.

How do I sign my Nda electronically?

*To electronically sign documents we use ESignGenie. It is rated #2 In ease of use. They have a 14 Day Free Trial so you can use the free trial to sig your Nda Immediately.

Here Is A Link To The Free Trial – >

Here Is A Short Tutorial on How To Use ESign Genie ->