Indie Black Film

Importance Of Genre

The next area we will speak about is Genre. Truthfully some genres a hot right now and the rest are just not. There is a reason these companies are looking for certain genres. Again it just boils down to money. Most Sales agents already have
preexisting relationships with buyers and these buyers are looking for certain genres.
Genre also plays a big factor in the budget. Some genre’s spending 500k on a film would work while others there is no way that would be profitable. Same with cast, 500k
spent on a film with no names will almost definitely flop. But a half a million on a movie with tom cruise is a great investment. Everything is relative. That is why it is so important you start with the end in mind. Who is my audience for this film?

Then Cast and genre will just be the next logical step in the creation process. All is built around your budget. If you want to do a specific genre and you don’t have the money set aside I
would stop until the right amount is raised. You also have the choice to just shoot a genre like horror or sci-fi where bigger names and bigger budgets are not so mission-critical.
Everything relies on the balancing act between your cast, budget, and genre.