NDA Template For Film

(NDA) Non Disclosure Agreement Template For Screenwriters - Just $20

Protect Your Ideas

    Is Your Film Idea Or Script Protected?  Are You A Screenwriter Thinking About Submitting Your Film Or Tv Pilot to Agents, Producers, Or Studios? Do You Have Protection In Place For Your Idea? Without An NDA What Is To Stop Readers Of Your Script From Stealing Your Screenplay Concept?

What You Get With Our NDA Template

Our NDA Template Includes:

  • Defines Copyright Rights and Interest Of You As A Screenwriter
  • Obligation To Receiving Party To Return Or Destroy Script When Done (If A Copy)
  •  Introduce A Contractual Penalty at Your Discretion
  • Written Confirmation Of Receipt
  • Lets Readers Know They Are Granted No Rights
  • More


In Order To Submit Ideas To Our Agency Or Any Other Agency They Will Require A NDA To Be Signed. This Protects Your Intellectual Property As Well As The Receiving Party.


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