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Do you lack Film and Music industry connections? Are you tired of making beats day in and day out that never see the light of day? Everyday beatmakers with less talent than yourself receive placements on major artist projects or soundtracks.

How We Can Help

Imagine being paid to hear your track in an upcoming feature film, tv show, or web series. How would you feel if one of your tracks was placed on a major hip-hop artist’s upcoming ep? Or imagine being introduced to new possible members to your music team like managers,a&r’s, and entertainment attorneys.

Who Are We

At Indie Black Film We specialize in helping producers/beatmakers like yourself get paid to license their tracks on Film/TV. We Also have very deep industry contacts with major hip-hop and r&b artists, managers, and more. We have placed some of our clients on Soundtracks as well as artist albums and mixtapes.

Beat Review Just $30

How Our Beat Review Service Works:

Just A 2 Step Process:

  1. Send 4 Beats To Us
  2. Schedule A Date And Time For Phone Conversation

Our Beat Critics Will Give Feedback On Medely, Structure, Marketability, Mix, Creativity, And More (Each beat will receive a 1-5 rating. 5 Ratings Will Be Shopped To Major Artist, Labels, and added to catalog to be licensed in FIlm)

Receive real feedback from expert producers and music supervisors who make beats for a living.


*We take Absolutely no rights or publishing from producers who music we are able to place.


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