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How To Pitch Virtual Seminar




Would You Like To Learn How To Pitch Your Film/Tv Series?
Black Indie Films Pitch Seminar gives emerging screenwriters of color, the opportunity to learn to pitch their
script Idea’s to working indie film producers and Directors.
Receive vital input from veteran filmmakers who has an eye of what Hollywood is looking for.
They will help the writer developed the material to be walked through the back doors of the Hollywood studio system.

Guest Speakers For Nov 1st 2020 6pm Est

Michael Sean Hall
W. E. Baker
Q n A Session After
Along With (10) Members Will Get to Pitch Their Log Line And Idea To Our Judges At the Seminar.
This is a great opportunity to test out your core script idea in a 3 minute pitch round (log line ect), where a 
panel of Producers/Directors/ Writers will way in on your Pitch pro’s and con’s.
They will give timely advice and feedback from years of experience on how you might improve your idea/ 
The winning pitch participant will receive a free 1 on 1 session with 1 of our guest speakers. 
The old saying is really true first impressions are everything. Before you pitch to production 
companies and producers you want to have looked over every angle of your pitch, and
perfected it before taking it out into the marketplace.


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