Script Coverage Services

Are You Looking To Have Your Script Read By Real Hollywood Writers?

Do You Think Your Script Has What It Takes To Become A Box Office Hit?

   You Only Get 1 Chance To Make A First Impression. If You Submit Your Script Or Screenplay to The Major Studios Before It Is Ready You Will Never Get A Second Chance. Without Honest Feedback From Industry Professionals, How Can You Progress? Sure Your Friends And Family May Absolutely Love Your Screenplay, But Do they Actually Know What Constitutes a Great Script? If You Hope To Have Any Chance Of Your Film Seeing The Light Of Day Your Screenplay just cant be Good, It Must Be Great. The Film Industry Is About Networking And Connections, Do You Have The Show Business Connections You Need To Take Your Screen Writing Career To The Next Level?

What Do You Need As A Indie Screen Writer?

How Would It Feel To Get Feedback From Actual Writers Who Make a Living Writing For The Big Studios In Hollywood? How Would Like If The Same Hollywood Writers Not Only Gave You Notes On Your Script, But Also Gave You Ways You Can Fix The Screenplay? How Would You Like To Actually Speak to Them On The Phone To Ask Them Any Questions You Would Like.  To Ask Them Directly:

  • How To Format A Screenplay?
  • How To Shop Your Script?
  • How To Get Funding For Your Film?
  • How To Get Famous Actors For Your Film?
  • How To Get Your Foot Into The Door?
  • Any Other Questions That You May Have Been Dying To Ask A Professional Hollywood Screen Writer.

How We Can Help

Our Writers Have Been In The Film Industries Professionally For Over 20 Years. They Don’t Just Write Features And Tv Show Screenplays They Make A Living Writing For A Living. They Have Been A Part Of Huge Urban Projects Like Friday and Baby Boy Just To Name A Few. They Have Also Written, Shot, And Directed Their Own Feature Films From Start To Finish. The Advice They Give You Could Take Your Career To A Whole New Level.

Get Noticed

Scripts That Are Recommended  We Have The Ability To Help Shop For A Finders Fee If Script Is Sold Through Our Connections. If You Sell On Your Own We Take No Right Or Royalties. Our Writers Must Sign An NDA And You Retain All Intellectual Rights To Your Writing.

How The Process Works

Once Your Screenplay Has Been Covered Your Script Will Get A Rating of The Following:

  • Pass –  Most Screenplays We Receive Fall Under This Category. Problem with Flow, Story, Characters, Marketability, Ect.
  • Consider – Has Some Really Good Aspects But Also Has Some Bad Aspects to it.
  • Recommend – Only 1% of Scripts Meet This Criteria. Script Is Polished And Ready To Be Submitted.

Script Coverage Pricing

Script Coverage + 2- 4 Page Notes (What Is Wrong) – $99

Script Coverage + 2- 4 Page Notes (What Is Wrong) + How To Fix – $149

Script Coverage + 30 min Phone Call – $199

Script Coverage + 60 min Phone Call –  $249

Phone Call With Hollywood Writer (30 min) – $125

Phone Call With Hollywood Writer (60 min) – $199

Script Coverage + Page By Page Feedback  – $499

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