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Graduated in film production from Vanguard university.Attended the professional training division at the American Film Institute. Started as a camera assistant to 3 time Grammy award winner cameraman and director of photography Mr Charles Henry.For Mr Henry performed duties as camera assistant, Camera operator, Production manager and assistant to the producer in infomercials, music videos, concerts, advertising commercials, short films, and independent feature films. Directed about 5 music videos for Mr Walter Khon manager of the Temptations,assisted director Desmond Morris and attorney and producer Jon Divens who co producer of the film” Blade” with Westley Snipes. Was story board artist in the film Stolen Moments directed by TA Williams and was director of photography for actor producer and Blaxploitation icon Rudy Ray Moore. Assisted producer Sheri Pottier in the play Six Feet Under. ,Began representing feature films for financing and distribution. Started Under contract with To End all Wars with Keither Sutherland produced by 20th Century fox and GMT studios, the worlds largest independent film studio.Close one music production deal for Jay Abela, jazz pianist Chris Ho ,plus sideman from Stevie Wonder the Temptations and Earth Wind and Fire Has represented over 25 film projects from major companies. Studios and A list producers and actors.


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