Indie Black Film

The Secret Of The AFM

In my opinion The secret is that for
the first half of the week these agencies are selling the films they already represent.

as someone who is trying to sell your film, I would schedule all meeting for the second half of the

week. Let’s say about from day 4 on. I also advise you to save your
money to pay for a badge so that you will have access to the whole location. I know
people may tell you hey why not just go to the hotel lobby and make that your home
base. “You don’t need a badge to sit in the lobby” is what they tell you. Don’t get me
wrong I admire your bravery, but this is simply not the way to go. Nothing screams a
novice more then sitting in the lobby or bar looking to pitch your film to whoever walks

Truthfully most reps know that if you are just sitting in the lobby, you most likely have
no idea what you are doing. It just screams “hey look at me I am completely green to
this industry”. Believe me no one will ever take you seriously when you approach in this
manner. Even worse you could be tagged as one of the tag along’s who is to cheap to
actually pay for a badge, so in there mind the might think, “this person is totally
clueless”. And since every thing is about first impression you want to put your best foot
first at all times.