Indie Black Film

Thing To Do Before The AFM

I would start about a month before the event. Do a little bit of detective work on each until you find about 30
or 40 that work with films in your genre and budget. You want to look for the exact
names of the contact person who handle acquisitions and production. Most you will find
somewhere on their websites, but for the companies without this info listed, just pick up
the phone and call the office. It is very crucial to find out the exact name personal before
the event. You will get absolutely nowhere by waiting until the event walking in random
offices asking “who is the head of acquisitions?”.

Sales agents may have already setup
around 100 meeting before they arrived so the may simple just not have the time to answer every question of the random filmmaker walking thru. Their time is valuable and
you should treat it as such. Once you have this info send short , concise email asking to set a meeting. Most companies start booking their meeting about 3 to 4 weeks before the event. If you don’t hear anything back after a few days(which you most likely won’t) follow up by phone. This planning will go a long way. I’m sure you don’t have money to
throw away on a badge, hotel stay, and food for a week. Just to walk around. You are trying to converse with as many as the major players as possible. While this will not
guarantee a sale for you film, it will at least get you 10 minutes to pitch.