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Why Cast Is So Important

Who is your cast? Cast is one of, if not the most important out of all the four.
Films and movies are sold by the cast. In the marketing world we call it influencer marketing. What you are really doing by adding an A list Cast to film is leveraging the
actors’ fanbase. Think about it who wants to pay to see a film they have never heard of,
with actors you’ve never heard of before. There are a couple of genres with which you can kind of getaway without notable faces but for the most part don’t even try it. If you don’t have the budget or the contacts to get the right faces in your film, honestly I advise your to not even make it.

By some real estate or buy some cars or something. In most cases any upfront money you receive from a distributor almost always is content on who you have in the movie. If you make a romantic comedy then you better have A lists of actors/actresses for your main role. The male and female. Also, It is not enough to pay to have them as a cameo in the movie, the main characters must be A-listers. You should have to explain who the actors are, their work should automatically come to a persons mind. Except for certain genre’s, there is just nothing a sale agent can do with a movie without notable faces. The good thing is the reverse is almost always true also. If You have a Drama with Tom Cruise and Angela Jolie you will have no problem receiving offers. It doesn’t matter who the rest of the cast is, hell if you want to put your baby sister who is an aspiring actress in a supporting role that is fine. Just make sure the main cast is solid. If you cast the film right you won’t have to go begging the distributors for a chance to pitch. They come searching for you. Word travels fast. If you don’t have the connections hook up with the actors guild. They can help you get the big names in your film if you have the budget. Be prepared to fill out the paperwork and supply payroll, etc. , but this is a small price to pay to have a film that is actually sellable.