Indie Black Film

Why should you care about what distributors and acquisitions teams want?

It is simple in order to be a great hunter the number one rule
is to know your prey inside and out. You have to fully immerse yourself in their pains,
joys, fears, and goals. You have to put yourself into the shoes of that representative.

What makes them tick? How did they reach the position that they are in today? What
exactly are they looking for, and most importantly why? One thing I can tell you is no matter
what they say, the goal of this industry first and for most is to make money. To be more
precise they are looking to make a profit.

The goal is not to turn you into the next big Hollywood director, it is to make more money then they spend. In a perfect world, they would like to find a product(film) which already is showing that is making money. The
thought is if a film is already profitable on a small scale they should be able to throw
more money at it and it should make more money. In the business world we call it
scaling up.

Once they find a formula that is already working they just blow it up even
further by throwing more money at it. A film that is working as they would say should
work even better the more marketing and pr that is put behind. Conversely a film or
product without a solid foundation will almost certainly lose money. Not that the
occasional miracle doesn’t happen. But just know these cases a few and far between.
That is why it is called a miracle to begin with. It wouldn’t be called that if it happened
everyday. In fact it the definition alone leans to the fact that odds are the miracle will
not happen. Better to take a more calculated approach. Your career, your reputation,
and your investors money depends on this dearly.