Indie Black Film

Why You Should Have A Niche

With an almost infinite amount of possibilities for plots, characters, settings, etc, how does one decide what is to be included or not? When does the story become too much, or how do you know when certain aspects are lacking in detail. If you have a clear target audience in mind from the first
conception, things become much easier. From the list of infinite possibilities it becomes clear exactly what should be included and what should not. The main characters joys, fears, passions, and motivations will become crystal clear once you make a decision of who this film is made for and more importantly who it is not made for. Take this analogy for example. Let’s say the transmission of your car suddenly stopped working.

As you search Google looking for a repair shop nearby you are faced with two options. One shop states on its website that they can fix everything. From Brakes to engine work, to transmission work, shocks, oil changes, etc. The claim to be the best, at everything. Meanwhile the other choice does not do brakes, paint, or anything else other than transmissions. They claim to be the transmission specialists. Faced with this decision with all other factors being equal(they are about the same distance from you), almost all will choose the latter. The sad fact is the shop which does everything can actually be better at fixing transmissions than the “transmission specialist”, but for the simple fact they market themselves as a transmission shop, Almost all will choose them. They can even be more expansive the jack of all trades shop, people will convince themselves that it is better to go with the specialist. Take this into account when targeting an audience for your indie film.